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It's time to stop gun violence in ALL our communities

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End Gun Violence Michigan your support. We need funds to pay for polling, policy research, and field organizers. We need volunteers to educate and listen to your communities.


Learn about the various policy options that End Gun Violence Michigan is considering to save lives stolen by gun violence.

Gun Violence Information

Learn the facts about gun violence in Michigan and across the country

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From big cities like Detroit to small towns like Oxford, all of our communities have suffered from the epidemic of gun violence for far too long. We are tried of losing our loved ones to gun violence and suicide, and always hearing that nothing can be done.

We know the common sense solutions that would drastically reduce gun violence and make our communities safer. They're supported by large majorities of voters, including gun owners. So why hasn't the legislature acted to protect our families?

Unfortunately, powerful special interests have so far prevented common sense gun reforms from even getting a hearing in Lansing. Too many politicians have chosen the gun lobby over the lives of their constituents.

So, in January of 2022, 130 leaders from across the state came together and voted to explore a different approach. It may be time to take common sense gun safety reforms to the people for a vote through a ballot initiative.  

The goal End Gun Violence Michigan is to consider and decide whether a gun safety ballot initiative is possible in 2024. We are working to answer a number of questions: what policies are the most effective and most popular? What coalition partners need to be involved? Can we raise the resources necessary to win?

End Gun Violence Michigan is an exploratory committee, not an official ballot campaign committee. We will become a campaign committee if we decide to move forward with an initiative.

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