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A Better Tomorrow

It's time to stop gun violence in ALL our communities

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End Gun Violence Michigan your support. We need funds to pay for polling, policy research, and field organizers. We need volunteers to educate and listen to your communities.


Learn about the various policy options that End Gun Violence Michigan is considering to save lives stolen by gun violence.

Gun Violence Information

Learn the facts about gun violence in Michigan and across the country

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From big cities like Detroit, to college campuses like MSU, to small towns like Oxford, all of our communities have suffered from the epidemic of gun violence for far too long. We are tried of losing our loved ones to gun violence and suicide, and always hearing that nothing can be done.

We're building the movement for common sense gun laws in Michigan. We're standing up to the powerful special interest groups that have been weakening Michigan's gun laws for 40 years, and we're winning. Our coalition has been helping to lead the charge for safe storage, universal background check, and extreme risk protection order legislation that are now moving toward becoming law.

We still have a lot of work to do. We need to make sure that our first set of priorities are finally passed and signed by the governor. Then we need to work in local communities to implement those laws, by working with schools, parents, and law enforcement. And we'll continue to fight for stronger legislation.

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